Cadillac Ambulance

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Used Cadillac ambulance by Matchbox. This car was affordable for us youngsters so a popular car in our toybox. This is the sixties; big Cadillac’s with chrome and tails all over the place. A must have toycar in our youth. And even now for Americana lovers.

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Old iron turns into Art; upcycling de luxe

Playful photobook project

‘Old metal turns into Art; upcycling de luxe. Stillife’s that bring memories of your childhood, your first car, your favorite car, your third car, your camper or just the car you drive now. Paradise Lost, design, color, styling, detail, craftsmanship, imagination and energy neutral!’

Dinkytoy de Luxe arises from the passionate need of the photographer Job Boersma to approach small matters in a big way. What started with cleaning up some old toy cars has already become a legend in it’s own time!

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